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Nail fungus is a common infection that affects people of all ages. It usually starts as a white or yellow spot at the tip of your nail. If left untreated, it often progresses deeper and may result in discolored or crumbled nails. Out of the many skin conditions that exist, toenail fungus can be quite inconvenient, especially if the symptoms are severe. If the infection is mild, one might not need treatment. A couple of home remedies might better the situation.

Main signs and symptoms of toenail fungus;

  1. Thickened nails

  2. Discoloration which may either be white or yellow

  3. Ragged and brittle looking nails

  4. Nails that have distorted shapes

  5. Debris may also build up inside

  6. Some foul smell may also be noticed

Nail fungus tends to affect toenails mostly. In the onset of this condition, self-care tips may help get rid of the fungus. However, if you don’t notice any improvement, it is best if you consult a doctor. What Cause Nail Fungus? Fungi is the primary cause of toenail fungus. Unlike skin conditions such as scabies, toenail fungus can also be caused by yeast and mold. It can develop at any age. Nonetheless, it is more common in older adults. This is because, as a person ages, so does the nails. A weak immune system is also another risk factor. Cellulitis is also another risk factor for getting toenail fungus. How to Treat Nail Fungus?

Some of the best home remedies you can use to treat nail fungus.

  1. Vicks VapoRub
  2. It is a topical ointment that works wonders for nail fungus. Despite being designed for treating coughs, its ingredients also help treat toenail fungus. Use it once a day for overall effectiveness.

  3. Snakeroot Extract
  4. Snakeroot is an antifungal that is made from sunflowers. Studies have indicated that this natural remedy works best when applied twice a week for a month. You can increase the dosage if the condition persists.

  5. Tea Tree Oil
  6. Tea Tree Oil is antifungal, which also features antiseptic abilities. It can either come as a separate oil or mixed in a cream. You can paint it on your nail twice in a day for better results.

  7. Natural Remedies
  8. The above three remedies are only ideal for mild fungus infections. A stronger and more effective natural remedy that has worked well for many is EMUAID. EMUAID is available over the counter and can help with over 100 skin conditions, including nail fungus.

Medications you can use

  • Oral Antifungal Drugs
  • There are fungal drugs that you can take orally. These should be your top choice since they are effective compared to creams and ointments. They include terbinafine and itraconazole. You will be required to take this medication for at least two months.

  • Medicated Nail Polish
  • There are some nail polishes which are coated with antifungal medication. You should apply it on your nails at least once in a day.

At times, a doctor can also recommend minor surgery to remove the toenail so that they can apply the antifungal medication. Anyway, Nail Fungus is a common complication. If you notice the above symptoms, you can try out any of the above remedies. The earlier you treat the infection, the easier it will clear away.

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