Why “Better Places for People”?

There is a comprehensive body of research showing that the design of a building impacts on the health, wellbeing and productivity of its occupants.

The World Green Building Council’s 2014 global report Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices raised awareness of this issue by outlining the overwhelming evidence linking office design with occupants’ health and productivity. It also set out a framework for organisations to measure how their buildings impact on their most valuable asset, their employees.

By illustrating how the same features commonly associated with green buildings can also have a measurable impact on human wellbeing, the report strengthened the ongoing business case for energy-efficient, resource-efficient, healthier buildings.

Better Places for People builds upon the foundation provided by the report and ensures that the principles presented can be taken forward beyond the office sector, to all building types.

What Are the Campaign’s Aims and Activities?

Better Places for People aims to accelerate the demand and the supply of buildings that support people in living healthier, happier lives by raising awareness of how buildings impact people, and by presenting the business case for action.

WorldGBC and its partner organisations will engage and collaborate with building occupants, developers and landlords, investors, and real estate agents and advisors through a wide range of activities to help drive action on the ground.

Key activities include:

  • Providing further evidence on the link between good design and positive outcomes.
  • Creating tools and guidance on how to collect health and wellbeing data for building types beyond offices.
  • Establishing a network for organisations to exchange lessons learned and share best practice.
  • Supporting Green Building Councils in the collection of consistent data at national levels.

More activities will be announced as the campaign progresses.

How Can You Get Involved in the Campaign?

There are many ways your business or organisation can get involved in the Better Places for People campaign. You can:



Photograph: Corstorphine+Wright Derby Council Offices (Daniel Shearing)