Leading the Way: Commitments to Health, Wellbeing & Productivity and the Better Places for People Framework

Transitioning all buildings to ones which are supportive of the health, wellbeing & productivity of the people inside them is a long process. With the leadership of the organizations below, we are sure we are on the path towards Better Places for People.

Green Building


"The Canada GBC (CaGBC) commits to developing partnerships with its members and stakeholders, along with health and wellness-specific research and WELL™ professional education and certification, in a mission to provide thought leadership and support the industry in moving toward enhanced health and wellbeing in green buildings."

Contact: Sundeep Virdi


"The UK Green Building Council commits to carrying out an office fit-out that puts both environmental sustainability and health and wellbeing of staff at the heart of the design. Once completed we commit to sharing lessons learned."

Contact: John Alker



"ARUP is showing leadership by piloting parts of the WorldGBC’s offices framework in its UK offices by working internally with our HR, Facilities, Engineering and Finance teams to explore a holistic approach to the Health & Wellbeing of our staff. Throughout 2016, ARUP will collect and analyze physical, organizational and perceptual metrics and expects to be able to share results and a case study by the end of 2016."


"B+H Architects are eager to announce that we will be implementing many of the offices metrics framework in our Shanghai studio starting in the second quarter of 2016. We will finalize our activities early in the year and will apply them to an implementation of the Framework in a client office by the end of 2016."


"In 2016, the International WELL Building Institute partnered with the World Green Building Council to support the development of healthy places around the world as part Better Places for People campaign. In the past year, IWBI has registered WELL projects in 14 countries around the world with over 20 million square feet, and is excited to recently offer the WELL AP. Our commitment to the World Green Building Council focuses on championing available resources to target office, retail, and resident owners, tenants, and occupiers through the WBGC campaign website and all the participating green building councils around the world."


"Lend Lease is committed to the Better Places for People campaign and will aim to conduct both pre and post-move analysis with at least one major tenant moving into The International Quarter Building in Stratford, London’s new business district. The health & wellbeing agenda is central to the success of the project and we strive to support our occupiers in baselining performance in their existing space, before and after their move into our new development from 2017."


"We remain committed to the Better Places for People campaign. Last year we applied the retail metrics to our Ecclesall Road store in Sheffield and we’re excited that in 2016 we’ll research correlations between store environments, customer and colleague experiences and economic results. We’ll also start to apply the World Green Building Council’s office framework to our London Head Offices ensuring a better environment and experience for our colleagues."

Saint-Gobain Logo

"Saint-Gobain is excited to pilot the Better Places for People framework in selected projects. We pledge to use the metrics in selected buildings, with a target of one case study launched for each building type (office, retail, residential) by the end of 2016."


"Skanska is excited about the opportunity to take the office framework and apply it to selected offices in our home market in 2016. We are targeting a minimum of 3 case studies over the course of year. The focus on offices will provide valuable comparators and we will be looking to apply lessons learned to our already innovative residential projects."


"We are approaching our leadership in the Better Places for People campaign by laying out short, medium and longer term commitments. In the short-term, we will test the office metrics in our corporate headquarters in Vantaa, Finland. Based on these results, in late 2016, we will plan the application of the offices framework in other offices. In the coming years, our goal is to adapt the metrics so that they can be used across our business as corporate sustainability KPIs."

Land Securities Logo

"At Land Securities we have made a public commitment to ensure our buildings are designed and managed to maximise wellbeing and productivity. When designing a new development we consider the effect our space will have on everyone who encounters it - from office customers and their employees to retailers, their employees and their customers; from visitors to neighbours; from people today to those who may experience the building ten or twenty years from now. Given the amount of time employees spend at work, and the importance of leisure hours, it's vital our office and shopping centres are safe, healthy and enjoyable places to spend time. We think this is the right way to approach development, not least because it makes our assets more appealing, more valuable and more resilient. In short, designing to support wellbeing helps make us a more sustainable business."

Contact: Ed Dixon

GBC Member


"Sustainable workplaces is a key focus area for us as part of our sustainability strategy - Building for Tomorrow. We are committed to implementing sustainable workplace practices to maximise staff wellbeing and minimise adverse environmental footprint in our offices. We are developing a workplace strategy to review our UK offices against a broad range of health & wellbeing and environmental criteria with the aim of creating a minimum & best practice standard for all JLL offices. We are also trialling a number of wellbeing and wellness programmes to support our staff’s wellbeing and work experience.

Alongside our ongoing involvement in the WGBC Offices and Retail Working Groups, we are actively advising a range of both landlord and occupier clients on this rapidly evolving area; we are undertaking occupier surveys and technical assessments of their workspace, benchmarking current or potential office and retail spaces against best practice health & wellbeing criteria, and advising on the most appropriate specifications for new-build or fit-outs."